A very wise and organized friend once said "if everything has a place, nothing is lost". It's a phrase we often found ourselves muttering while searching around the shop or our work rigs for a misplaced tool, a specialty driver tip, or a tube of caulk. There's no question about it, staying organized keeps you productive.

Drill Dock was born from the desire to give drills and impact drivers (our most commonly used tools) a place so they are never lost. The trick is that drills and drivers move with the job; so a static place only works part of the time. To solve the problem, the place for drills and drivers had to be versatile and mobile. After over a year of development and countless hours polling coworkers, tradespeople, friends, and family we are proud of the result.

Drill Dock provides a mobile docking solution for any drill or driver on the market. Use the fixed mounting bracket to create a home base for your Drill Dock, then use the heavy duty clip for keeping your drill and drivers organized in your vehicle and on the job.

In addition to keeping your drills and drivers organized, Drill Dock helps you keep your most used driver tips and drill bits securely connected to the magnet on the side. The drill bit sizing guide on the front of Drill Dock also helps create new efficiencies while trying to determine which bit is right for the job. Organized for productivity!

Drill Dock was created by Midwest Innovative Products. MIP is has been a trusted partner in the tool and hardware industry since 2012.